Set up your Virtual office across globe over 40 countries on the fly, Save huge infrastructure cost.

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What do we offer?

We help enterprises to setup Virtual Offices anywhere across the globe

We help enterprises to setup Virtual Offices anywhere across the globe. Our feature packed cloud pbx solution for handling calls from anywhere also handling the Voice Mails, Fax and other services. We provide virtual Toll / Toll free (1800) numbers over 40 countries, also port your existing number to us. Our smart call forwarding to as many numbers as you need and you can schedule different numbers at different time of the day.

Our Virtual Office modules are fully integrated into real-time VoIP Billing engine. There are different billings mechanism applicable depending upon the nature of the plan you have opted for - Unlimited, “Pay-as-you-Go” and combination of the both. The billing engine automatically identifies which plan is assigned to a client’s account, the rate applied for the calls according to the location/geographical region. It lucidly adjusts all the benefits and freebies applied for the client in particular. At last, what you receive is a clear, detailed and justified billing for the service we have rendered for the duration.


Global Toll / Toll Free Numbers

We provide the Toll and Toll free numbers for your business globally over 40 countries. With our easy to use cloud auto attendant solution, the numbers can be forwarded to your existing phone numbers or forward to a user of department configured in our feature rich cloud pbx solution.

Save Cost and Boost Productivity

Save huge on infrastructure cost, using our hosted, cost effective Toll and Toll free number services. Our Toll/Toll free numbers having multi channel capability that allows to receive calls concurrently helps the enterprises to boost productivity.

Reach your customers Globally

We offer tradional VoIP teplephony solution with Virtual office which allows you to call your customers globally over 90 countries. The prices are industry best and you can save huge more than 90% on your international calling.

Cost-effective virtual phone systems for Enterprise

Streamline your business with efficienct voice communication

Benefits of Virtual Office

  • Simplify your work and increase your efficiency.
  • Cut down on your operating costs (travel, licenses, …).
  • Connect Globally inbound and Outbound calls
  • Save huge on your international calls
  • Improve the way you communicate with your customers.
  • Create users and departments using our Cloud PBX solutions.
  • Transfer the call to any user or department using our Cloud Auto attendant system.
  • Voice mail to Email solutions let you never miss a business lead.

Do you want customized cloud Telephony Solutions?

We are keen on creating a customized solution for your requirment ! We design our solutions having our customers in mind and we never disappoint!

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