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Cloud Auto Attendant Solutions.

We help enterprises to set up an IVR or Menu system to reach right user or department without human interaction, so that you never miss out a single lead.

We offer an industry best cloud auto attendant solution, which used to configure call flow (IVR or Menu system) for external and internal callers move through a menu or ivr system to reach the right users or departments like sales, support, accounts etc., in your organization.

Our cloud auto attendant is a system that provides the caller, a series of options via voice prompts they hear instead of a human operator. When people call a number associated with our cloud auto attendant, their choices can redirect the call to a user or locate someone in your organization and then connect to that user. They can express their choices and interact with the menu system by using a phone keypad (DTMF) or speech recognition. The choices they make can also redirect the call to another auto attendant, or to a call queue.


Speech recognition, the ability of devices to respond to spoken commands

Speech Recognition

Our industry best speech recognizing technology helps the users to navigate menu through their voice to eliminate DTMF issues in the devices also saving the time for entering the user names or department names.

Call queuing is nested in our IVR system

Call Queues

Our cloud auto attendant system has an inteligent call queue mechanism to hold and distribute calls to the users based on the priority set up. Multiple phone numbers can be configured to a Call Queue for load balancing.

Our call scheduling system to make calls in a voicemail and sent to the users


set up the call flow to reach different users or departments at different time of the day. The unattended calls will reach Voice Mail due to user busy or other reasons, so you will not miss a lead.

A Nested Call flows is a customized interactive voice response (IVR) system

Nested Call flows

We build a complex but maintainable call flows with nested call flow for different work hours or holidays. So the caller will be connected to the right place which give hassle-free experience.

Accelerate your business with cloud auto attendant.

Increase Incoming Call Efficiently

Our cloud auto attendant system helps your business to handle incoming calls efficiently. Our feature packed cloud auto attendant route and forward the incoming call to appropriate department, or a user. The call quality dashboard helps you to check the status of calls to find customer service quality.

Our cloud auto attendant helps to improve the incoming call volume by routing the calls to multiple destinations. The self service options provided by our cloud auto solution to the callers to avail information and assistance without talking to a live person.

Enhance business reputation

Our cloud auto attendant will make your business appear like a much larger company. You can further enhance your business presence and reputation using a complex IVR system. The additional options provided by the complex IVR system will make the callers feel like communicating with a large enterprise.

Your businesses can take advantage of our cloud auto attendant without building and maintain on your premise. Call management features and real-time call analytics provided by the cloud-hosted IVR solutions help your business to monitor and handle incoming calls efficiently.

Advantages of Cloud Auto Attendant Solutions

  • Includes the HD voice codecs for high quality calls.
  • Easiest way to filter and manage call flow, which ensures that all calls are promptly answered and properly efficiently.
  • Custom company greeting message that gives a professional appeal for your organisation.
  • Eliminate the cost setting up hardware, software and appointing a full-time receptionist.
  • Never miss out even a single call and reply faster to an important voicemail.

Do you want customized cloud Telephony Solutions?

We are keen on creating a customized solution for your requirment ! We design our solutions having our customers in mind and we never disappoint!

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