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What we Offer?

Bringing people together under one forum for effective collaboration using HD Audio Conferencing Solutions & Bridge to communicate consistently and freely for achieving profitable outcome.

It is the goal of any enterprise to achieve competence and productivity through efficient utilization of their human capital. Effective, interwoven and information rich communication is the key to derive such results. Especially when the team is geographically spread across diverse locations, it becomes one of the strategic goals of an enterprise to optimize its communication while saving cost of infrastructure and billing.

Our flexible, cost effective and customized Audio conferencing solutions by WhizMeeting enables enterprises of all sizes be it small, medium and large to have unlimited possibilities to achieve this goal and save phenomenal travel and billing expenses while improving employee productivity through training, conducting review meetings or simply conducting last minute meetings.

Our bridge is amongst one of the highest port capacity platforms available in industry providing absolutely seamless audio conferencing experience with HD voice quality. Our audio conferencing bridge has immense flexibility for any level of customization possibilities for enhancing user experience.

Moreover, all the conferencing solutions powered by WhizMeeting are provided with professional conference moderators for effective two way communication in secure setting. The moderator offers various significant features like muting/unmuting the participants, Q&A session, address book dialing, new joinee notification etc.


Start / Stop Controls

indicates beginning and end of the conference. Only Leader can start the conference by dialing in through Leaders Pass Code/Pin and can stop the conference

WhizMeeting India Pvt. Ltd offers a Customized Audio Conferencing Services

Dial Out

Once the conference is started leader can dial out any single or multiple numbers either from address book or by dialing the number.


Using power packed Phone book, the users can add contact lists and create groups for easy and fast dialing.


Allows muting or unmuting single person or group people anytime during conference for interrupted and noise free conference.

WhizMeeting India Pvt. Ltd offers a HD Audio Conferencing Solutions

Lock/ Unlock

Allows locking conference call to avert additional participants from joining and unlocking for resuming anytime during the conference.

WhizMeeting India Pvt. Ltd offers Bridge Deployment Services


Recording of conference now become stress free by enabling always record, conference will be recorded automatically and can be downloaded later.

WhizMeeting India Pvt. Ltd offers Audio Conferencing Bridge Deployment Services

Q & A

Starts question and answer session by responding to one person at a time while putting others on mute for noise free and seamless communication.

WhizMeeting India Pvt. Ltd offers HD Audio Conferencing and Bridge Deployment Solutions

Blast Dial

Dials large number of phone numbers in one go. This option is ideal for large events or mass participation.

Modes of Audio Conference

Secure and Round the clock Audio Conferencing Services for all size enterprises for effective and efficient global communication.

Reserved Audio Conference Service

Audio Conference can be scheduled for a particular date and time slot for secured communication with team members or associates in different locations. On each reservation, a new Leader Pass-code is generated, using which he can host conference calls anywhere via robust network. All the participants can join the conference at scheduled date and time using Participants Pass-codes and using over 1000 Dial-In Local or Toll Free numbers of their respective country/city. Our highly skilled and professionally trained Operator Assistants/ Coordinators ensuring seamless and secure communication experience.Our coordinators manage the entire conference calls as per the directions from the moderator or leader.

Adhoc Audio Conference Services

Adhoc Audio Conferencing Services enables you to start audio conference calls anytime, providing complete liberty from any dependency on service provider. In this service a set of Pass-codes are provided with dedicated conference room for Leader and Participants to host quality and uninterrupted conference anytime with unlimited participants. your personal audio conference meeting room available and accessible 24 x 7 , 365 days a year from anywhere and anytime. Moreover, using our Live Conference Manager called ConCall Manager™ all conferences can easily be managed and controlled for having efficient and secure conferencing experience.

Large Party Event Services

Large Party Event Services offers 100% managed Audio Conferencing Solution with high-quality audio, powerful management features and streamlining capabilities to host large meetings and events with mass audience scattered over expansive geographical locations.

This is highly optimized solution for hosting conference with audience ranging from dozen to thousands for events like mass announcements or town hall calls , product launches, company-wide training or quarterly review calls, conducting board meetings, press conferences, hosting large lectures, announcing mergers and acquisitions, daily pre-market or post market calls, investor relations calls etc.

Our quality, scalable and efficient conference calls are delivered through our highly skilled and professionally trained Operator Assistants/ Coordinators ensuring seamless and secure communication experience.Our coordinators manage the entire conference calling as per the real time directions from the moderator or leader on their behalf through offline chatting system ensuring effective conferencing outcome.

There are variety of features available with Operator Assisted Conferencing as follows

  • Customized and company’s branded welcome on behalf of leader to mark the start of the conference session.
  • All participant joined as muted by default ensuring noise free communication environment.
  • Mute –all other participants during Q&A Session with single participants ensuring clear and uninterrupted conversation
  • Highly skilled and professionally trained coordinators to help during event perpetrations, Q&A and follow-up sessions.
  • 24 X 7 tech support and customer care support

On premise bridge deployment

Running Audio Conferencing services from your location.

WhizMeeting’s On Premise Bridge Deployment Service offers to set up your own Audio Conferencing Bridge at your office premises enabling you to have complete control of your Audio Conferencing needs. WhizMeeting has the capability of deploying high capacity Audio Bridge that ensures security, flexibility and cost saving. We lease our Audio Conferencing Bridge for both long term and based on operating costs. It is the best white labeled solution for companies with their offices located in different geographies and have huge requirement of Audio Conferencing services.

On Premise Bridge Deployment Services delivers results best in class to the customers willing to:

  • Save the cost of Audio Conference Bridge.
  • Have complete freedom and control for all Audio Conferences.
  • Ensure complete security by personally controlling and managing each conference.
  • Reduce cost of frequent audio conference billing.

Do you want customized cloud Telephony Solutions?

We are keen on creating a customized solution for your requirment ! We design our solutions having our customers in mind and we never disappoint!

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