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Leveraging Global Competence to Small, Medium and Large Enterprises using WhizMeeting, a world class Cloud Telephony Solutions.

Audio Conference

Flexible, cost effective and customized Audio conferencing solutions by WhizMeeting enables the enterprises of all sizes to have unlimited possibilities. Save phenomenal travel and billing expenses while improving employee productivity through training, conducting review meetings or simply conducting last minute meetings.

Virtual Office

We help enterprises to setup Virtual Offices anywhere across the globe with our Cloud PBX Solutions. Our feature packed cloud pbx solution handling calls from anywhere in the globe also handling the Voice Mails, Fax and other services. We provide virtual Toll / Toll free (1800) numbers over 40 countries, also port your expensive number to us.

PSTN for Office 365

We offer a hosted cloud solution for Office 365 E3/E5 Licenses holders using Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, enabling users to make and receive the calls globally. Our Certified SBCs are reliable, highly scalable and keep the Communication secure end to end and protects from eavesdropping, Toll Fraud and device profilling.

Cloud Auto Attendant

We offer smart IVR System which helps enterprise to handle their customer's calls effeciently. Our Inteligent Queue System holds the call when the user is busy on other call. You can route the call to different users at different timings of the same day. The unattended calls will reach Voice mail so you never miss a call from your customer.

Who We Are

WhizMeeting is highly flexible, cost effective and quality global cloud telephony solution for remote collaboration. Our Cloud Telephony solutions are designed to optimize communication capabilities of enterprises of all sizes and derive faster online collaboration experience. Empowering remote communication in Small, Medium and Large Enterprises with collaboration capabilities through cloud telephony Solutions powered by WhizMeeting

Mission and Vision

To provide competitive edge to small, medium and large enterprises through our flexible, cost effective and world class audio conferencing, web conferencing solutions and webcast services that improves productivity, increase revenue and provide enriching collaboration experience. Enterprise industry preferred VoIP, Unified communications, Office 365, Virual Office solutions, Teams Direct Routing solutions and cloud telephony solutions provider in India for timely delivery and quality results.

Core Values

WhizMeeting is highly user friendly while giving rewarding teleconferencing and unfied communication experience to all the participants inside and outside the organization instantaneously at extremely low cost. Our services run on world-class platform which is one of the highest capacity platforms in the industry. It provides connectivity in over 75 countries and 150 destinations via local or toll-free numbers making us a truly global cloud telephony service provider.

Discover our Customized Solutions for your Business

Health Care

Whizmeeting Cloud Telephony Healthcare solution, automatically attends all incoming calls and helps the patients to reach proper department with few key presses. Whizmeeting Cloud Telephony solution reduces the load of the manual routine tasks and improves the time to serve patients and maximises the opportunities to serve your patients in a innovative way.

It improves your operational efficiency by eliminating the manual tasks and also reduce the costs of additional investment on administrative task. It also makes your inter department communications simple and quick with the additional features like flaw less One Click Audio / Video Conferencing, Call transfers or Voice mail etc.,


Whizmeeting Cloud telephony soultuions helps you to improve your communications with your students and parents seamlesly. The automation process enhance the support for students and parents by answering questios through an IVR system reduces the human intervention and cost effcetive, and result oriented startups are adopting Whizmeeting cloud telephony solutions.

Without adding a new line or changing numbers you can easily forward the calls to the teacher or a class room with Whizmeeting's low cost, less complex and high secure cloud telephony and communication solutions. Whizmeeting encrypted networks and authentication methods safeguard all your communications.

Whizmeeting Cloud telephony solution has feature rich design to handle Virtual Class rooms with screen sharing capabilities to make learning funful and an engaging experience. Whizmeeting Virtual Class room is an a affordable way to set up a class without any expensive equipments.

Call Center

Get a Global Presence by getting Virtual Numbers from Whizmeeting and expand your business globally without adding any huge capital investment. Your customers can reach you from anywhere globally. We provide virtual Toll / Toll free (1800) numbers in over 40 countries, also port your existing number to Whizmeeting. Our smart call forwarding to as many numbers as you need and you can schedule different numbers at different time of the day.

Increase your productivity instantly by improving agents performance. Our feature rich tools helps you to record, monitor the calls on the go. You can analyze the call performance. Our cloud telephony that provides HD audio call quality and innovative features that can enhance the ultimate aim of better calling experience.

Our low cost, less complex call center solution with auto attendent gives you the freedom to distribute the calls to individual agents or queues based on criteria such as time, day, or agent availability. Our Inteligent Queue management system holds the call till the customers are connected to the live agent or connect them to a Voice Mail services.

Cloud Telephony Solutions for Software Company

Whizmeeting Cloud Telephony Solutions makes your communication easy and seamless and manage all your teams project information in one place. Whizmeeting cloud solutions makes the Team Messaging, Collaboration in real time anytime, anywhere and from any device. Get answers for your queries in real time from right people for better team collaboration.

Whizmeeting One Click Audio and Video Meetings makes your face to face commnications easier now to planning or discuss to find the right answers for quick resolutions, fix some issues, close the deals. We offer a one workspace to chat realtime, track your tasks, assign the tasks, to get the updates on your development etc.,

Using Whizmeeting Global Virtual numbers in over 40 countries you can automate your support process. You can setup the call flows using Whizmeeting cloud auto attendant to reach the right team to resolve the customer queries and compliants quickly.


Whizmeeting Cloud Telephony solution offers makes the centralized and secure customer communications for Insurance, Banks and Micro finance Companies. Whizmeeting Cloud Telephony solutions reduces the load of the manual routine tasks and reduce the service time for each customer and maximises the opportunities to serve your customer in a innovative way.

Whizmeeting Cloud Telephony solution improves your operational efficiency by eliminating the manual tasks and also reduce the operational costs on administrative task. It also makes your inter department communications simple and quick with the additional features like flaw less One Click Audio / Video Conferencing, Call transfers or Voice mail etc.,

Whizmeeting world class security and authentication methods helps you to keep all your customers data secure. Whizmeeting cloud telephony solutions makes a big impact on the instant improvement of your sales and faster lead conversion without any huge capital investment.

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