Connect and interact with mass audience in real time using our highly customized interactive live webcasting and virtual event solutions.
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Webcast Services

Our Webcast Services powered by WhizMeeting allows you to connect with broader audience and extend the reach of your events more vividly and extensively by capturing the essence of your live events and maximizing the deliverables across the world.

Webcast Services are highly suitable for live broadcasting of events to mass audience that is dispersed geographically like annual meetings, town hall meetings, lectures, Press releases, new product lunch and inaugurations, investor relations, promotion & branding. It allows participants to attend live virtual presentations from their desktop, laptop or smart phone with real time streaming over the internet.

WhizMeeting is highly customized and fully branded solution that retains viewer interest through instant access to their feedback in real time with the help of operator assistant ensuring utmost scalability and profitability.

All our events are captured using high end professional video camera and are delivered to your server using encoder ensuring superior quality and security of the content. Our webcast services can be used for public event though internet streaming and for company’s events through their intranet streaming and VPN settings. Events can also be secured using password protection depending on its use.

Our services guarantee competitive returns on your investment and truly mesmerizing world class experience. Our Webcast Services offers solutions with Audio Only, Audio-Video Only, Video & Presentation and Video + Presentation + Q&A.