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ConCall Manager & Smart Phone Applications

ConCall Manager & Smart Phone Applications – Real Time Live Manager for secure and well managed Audio Conferencing

ConCall Manager™ is feature-rich Live Conference Manager from WhizMeeting that enables users to manage and control audio Conference and its proceedings online during the conference call itself. The ConCall Manager Application can easily be accessed via web browser on PC or Laptop providing you complete controlled, efficient, streamlined and focused online conferencing experience relieving you from hassle of back & forth use of multiple tools or applications.

ConCall Manager™ is meticulously and technically managed, loaded with incredible features and functions, best for all business to run online conferencing without operator or moderator assistance saving substantial cost of a dedicated operator or moderator. It allows you to have audio conferencing within the group of people or among functional groups with customized branded welcome message. It is fully loaded application to make your conference call experience effective, efficient and secure.

ConCall Manager™ Smartphone Applications is WhizMeeting Smart Phone application that allows starting, controlling or accessing conference call meetings from your iPhone, Android phone or BlackBerry enabling users to experience complete mobility without compromising on security.

ConCall Manager has following features and benefits:

  • Online virtual view and management of entire conference proceedings for controlled and secured calling.
  • Global Address Book that can be customized into functional groups and unlimited contacts listing.
  • Import MS Outlook contacts in Excel format to Global Address Book for quick updation
  • Allows single and blast Dial-Out with single click.
  • Allows Mute or un-mute single participant, group participants or all participants with single click
  • Lock or unlock the on-going conference session to restrict permissions to unwanted participants Browser based application, Zero download
  • Highly efficient and quality Q&A session for large party calls
  • Auto conference recording and reporting

In addition, the Con-Call Manager™ offers following advanced “Preference Setting”:

  • Announcement Types categorized into Name, Tone & Silent.
  • Remember and save Pass Code for the next visit
  • Operator-assisted conference session for Leader through Leader Pass-Code
  • CLI Based Conference by auto saving the Pass Code from a registered CLI
  • ConCall Manager™ can easily be used by navigate to ‘Login’ tab at top right corner in WhizMeeting homepage. Login to the application with User Name and Password followed by the assigned Leader Pass Code and enter into the virtual world of Audio Conference Call.