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Global UC

WhizCall is extremely handy and useful application for Blackberry, Android, Windows & iPhone Smart phones for making international calls by triggering a call back on registered mobile or a landline from anywhere in the world. This means there is no need to carry multiple calling cards for different countries. It is very economical solution to make international calls at price equaling local call rates and save up to 80% on existing international call charges.

This application allows user to make calls with great convenience by selecting desired number directly from their phonebook. Immediately a call back is triggered first on registered phone number and second to a desired international destination number after the first call is answered. This application can also be used through Soft-phone in laptop or PC using relevant URLs at and using mobile browser at You can also manage your account online.


WhizExpress is smart phone application for Blackberry, Android, iPhone Smart Mobile Phones to make instant and affordable international calling. This smart phone application liberates you from remembering long international calling access codes or carrying multiple simcards for making calls to different countries. Once you click WhizExpress, it connects your registered mobile phone to desired international destination automatically and instantaneously from the contacts without making any other action steps.

It is highly convenient solution during international roaming as it can be used for any country apart from the native country. The application instantly connects to the dialed number using local Global Telelinks network. This service is also provided with 24x7 customer support to address any query online.

Global PBX solution

This is innovative Virtual Office IP PBX solution with Single Number Phone, PBX, Fax, and Voice Mail Service that connects all the global offices with local extensions without changing existing infrastructure while increasing your global presence with Zero CAPEX and Minimum OPEX. This feature-rich solution, allows businesses to be connected through unlimited extensions for outgoing calls and incoming fax.

Using this solution large numbers can be mapped for multiple countries having same extension through call routing structure providing global connectivity at minimal cost. It’s highly effective for global business travelers.

Virtual Office IP PBX Solution is highly customizable for attending calls with greetings or message or transfer calls easily, creating menu options and extension that can further be configured with find me and follow me feature to forward calls until it reaches to the voicemail that in turn sent to one’s email.

Office IP PBX solution is packed with bundle of power features including Customized billing options, Automatic call distribution, User friendly account management portal, Recorded Voicemail to e-mail as .wav file, Outgoing calls using WhizCall account or VoIP Phones etc

CallMyWorld - International DID/TF mapping

CallMyWorld enables your business to sound more professional by staying connected and available to your customers and clients beyond your office premises. Call my World is incredible solution for take care of your this business need by attending calls 24X7, at almost zero cost. It acts as single number Phone / Fax / PBX solution that delivers fax to email for instant check, generates and turn around sales leads, provides customer support, takes feedback and suggestions, a survey for marketing analysis and many more.

CallMyWorld offers Unique local Number in multiple countries with multi-level call forwarding (Find Me and Follow Me), Call Scheduling, Customized IVR Service, Voicemail to Email ensuring 100% call delivery

CallMyWorld promises to save huge infrastructure cost of setting up office in other countries as you can manage your office from anywhere without sharing your personal number and spending on international roaming and yet sound professional.