Large Party Event Services
Reach out to large number of people at different locations through our scalable, customized and well managed Audio Conferencing Solutions.
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Large Party Event Audio Conferencing Services

Large Party Event Services offers 100% managed Audio Conferencing Solution with high-quality audio, powerful management features and streamlining capabilities to host large meetings and events with mass audience scattered over expansive geographical locations.

This is highly optimized solution for hosting conference with audience ranging from dozen to thousands for events like mass announcements or town hall calls , product launches, company-wide training or quarterly review calls, conducting board meetings, press conferences, hosting large lectures, announcing mergers and acquisitions, daily pre-market or post market calls, investor relations calls etc.

Our quality, scalable and efficient conference calls are delivered through our highly skilled and professionally trained Operator Assistants/ Coordinators ensuring seamless and secure communication experience.Our coordinators manage the entire conference calling as per the real time directions from the moderator or leader on their behalf through offline chatting system ensuring effective conferencing outcome.

There are variety of features available with Operator Assisted Conferencing as follows

  • Customized and company’s branded welcome on behalf of leader to mark the start of the conference session.
  • All participant joined as muted by default ensuring noise free communication environment.
  • Play music until the conference is open, on hold, mute/unmute, Q&A etc.
  • Mute –all other participants during Q&A Session with single participants ensuring clear and uninterrupted conversation
  • Highly skilled and professionally trained coordinators to help during event perpetrations, Q&A and follow-up sessions.
  • 24 X 7 tech support and customer care support