Audio Conferencing
Bringing people together under one forum for effective collaboration using HD Audio Conferencing Solutions & Bridge to communicate consistently and freely for achieving profitable outcome.
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Audio Conferencing

It is the goal of any enterprise to achieve competence and productivity through efficient utilization of their human capital. Effective, interwoven and information rich communication is the key to derive such results. Especially when the team is geographically spread across diverse locations, it becomes one of the strategic goals of an enterprise to optimize its communication while saving cost of infrastructure and billing.

Our flexible, cost effective and customized Audio conferencing solutions by WhizMeeting enables enterprises of all sizes be it small, medium and large to have unlimited possibilities to achieve this goal and save phenomenal travel and billing expenses while improving employee productivity through training, conducting review meetings or simply conducting last minute meetings.

Our bridge is amongst one of the highest port capacity platforms available in industry providing absolutely seamless audio conferencing experience with HD voice quality. Our audio conferencing bridge has immense flexibility for any level of customization possibilities for enhancing user experience.

Moreover, all the conferencing solutions powered by WhizMeeting are provided with professional conference moderators for effective two way communication in secure setting. The moderator offers various significant features like muting/unmuting the participants, Q&A session, address book dialing, new joinee notification etc.