Secure and Round the clock Audio Conferencing Services for all size enterprises for effective and efficient global communication.
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Audio Conferencing Services

Reserved Audio Conference Service

Using this service, Audio Conference can be scheduled for a particular date and time slot for secured communication with team members or associates in different locations. On each booking, a Leader Pass-code is generated, using which he can host conference calls anytime, anywhere via robust network of over 1000 Dial-In Local numbers or Toll Free numbers across the world. All the participants can join the conference at scheduled date and time using Participants Pass-codes and using Dial-In Local or Toll Free numbers of their respective country/city.

Reservation-less Services

Our Reservation-less Audio Conferencing Services enables you to schedule audio conference calls anytime without making prior booking providing complete liberty from any dependency on service provider. In this service a set of Pass-codes are provided with dedicated conference room for Leader and Participants to host quality and uninterrupted conference anytime with unlimited participants.

Reservation-less Audio Conferencing allows you be more productive through consistent communication with colleagues, customers, partners and associates from across the globe at a minute’s notice through your personal audio conference meeting room available and accessible 24 x 7 , 365 days a year from anywhere and anytime.

Moreover, using our Live Conference Manager called ConCall Manager™ from WhizMeeting all conferences and its proceedings can easily be managed and controlled for having effective, efficient and secure conferencing experience.